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Roofing Barrie 24/7 offers skylight repairs, replacements, and new skylight installation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Even the most durable skylights require occasional maintenance. Skylights are particularly vulnerable to leaking due to manufacturer inconsistencies; however, at Roofing Barrie 24/7, we feel that most Barrie skylight leaks are due to poor craftsmanship. 

We strongly advocate using only quality skylight products from one trustworthy manufacturer like Velux. Establishing a solid reputation and providing our skilled Barrie skylight installers with outstanding training distinguishes us from other skylight companies

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If your home doesn’t have even a standard skylight, you’re missing out on one of the best opportunities and modelling of your home. Not only does the rooftop skylight installation provide your home with an added element of beauty and style, but it also can function as a ventilation system, bringing in fresh air and helping to regulate the temperature inside your home. Roofing Barrie 24/7 offers quality skylight installation using the best materials and the most experienced experts in skylights. 


If your residential skylight window is damaged, we can help you replace it. Our skylight replacement services are designed for all types of customers and provide complete satisfaction to all customers. It’s not only the leaky skylight that we can help you with, but we also offer a variety of skylight solutions. We do skylight glass replacement, skylight window replacement, skylight cover replacement, and so on.

Roofing Barrie 24/7 is the best place for a residential and commercial skylight replacement. We are certified and qualified to provide you with quality services that exceed your expectations. Whether it’s a commercial or residential skylight replacement, you can also save money by consulting with our innovative skylight company beforehand. Contact us today, and we will consult you regarding the efficient skylight solutions.


A curb is a common skylight type, it is a small platform that is fastened to your roof. It raises the skylight above the level of your roof, making it less vulnerable to leaks. Curb-mounted skylights are more expensive than deck-mounted skylights, but they last longer and are less likely to leak.


Deck-mounted skylights sit on top of your roof rather than being raised on a curb. They are less expensive than curb-mounted skylights, but they have a shorter lifespan and are more likely to leak. Deck mounted skylights are a more recent design that lowers the unit’s profile and increases the energy efficiency by ‘hugging’ the roof. In this design, the curb is the skylight itself. 


Custom fixed curb mounted skylights are more expensive than both curb and deck mounted skylights, but they will last the longest and are the least likely to leak. We occasionally come across problems where fitting a standard sized skylight is difficult. Standard sizes have made it easier for us installers to maintain the hole’s interior while also fitting correctly. When it comes to saving money without making any internal changes, custom size skylight take approximately a few weeks for delivery.


The lifespan of a skylight depends on the type of skylight and the quality of the installation. Curb-mounted skylights have the longest lifespan, followed by custom fixed curb-mounted skylights and deck-mounted skylights. 

There are several reasons why skylights might leak: poor craftsmanship, manufacturer inconsistencies, or damage from severe weather conditions. 

Our residential roofing contractors will inspect your skylight and repair it immediately if it’s leaking. For any new sun tube or skylight installation, we charge $149.00 plus HST for an assessment. If you want our dedicated team to work on the project, we’ll refund the assessment fee.

We only recommend and install quality skylights from Velux. 

All of our work is guaranteed for 5 years.

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